The ‘babushka’: the high fashion durag?

“Silk gang, silk city. You know how we do it”

A$AP Rocky

Doing what he does best, A$AP Rocky is beginning to start another trend, and yes he’s wearing womenswear again. Flacko is encouraging us all to dress like a Russian grandmother, and don what he labels a ‘babushka’ (literally the Russian word for ‘grandmother’). The rapper debuted this latest avant-garde look of his last November, at the eighth annual Art & Film Gala at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).

A$AP Rocky at the LACMA Art & Film Gala 2018 [Photo: Jesse Grant / Getty Images]

As you can see, he looks gorgeous in the Gucci silk scarf Flora Gothic print, but would just anyone be able to pull this look off? When interviewed by DAZED at the Gala, A$AP Rocky said, ‘“I just wanted to show off my babushka today, honestly”. He was radiating confidence – “I thought it was so immaculate … I feel like I look so handsome right now with the shades on. I’m just encouraging all guys to wear babushkas from here on out. Silk gang, silk city. You know how we do it.” Flacko makes it clear that he has no problem with others stealing his style – he’s actually encouraging us all to jump on the babushka bandwagon. In fact, many others have already, notably his long-term friend and three time collaborator Frank Ocean, along with fellow mob member A$AP Illz. Frank uploaded a selfie of himself on Instagram with the caption “FaceTimes in Babushka”. A$AP Rocky later commented, “🤘🏾BABUSHKA BOI”.

Left: Frank Ocean @blonded / Right: A$AP Illz @asvpxillz

Mr Rocky is so committed to his new babushka style that he’s gone so far as to record a track titled ‘Babushka’, which has yet to have an official release. The rapper has performed this song numerous times on his Injured Generation tour, a performance during which Kulture Hub reports that the Babushka boy yells “IF YOU GOT A BABUSHKA, PUT THAT SHIT ON RIGHT NOW!” whilst strapping his own yellow bandana on, Russian grandmother style.

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One does wonder – what does the future hold for this daring trend? If you fancy yourself as one of A$AP Rocky’s babushka boys, you can always get your hands on the same scarf the man himself wore to the LACMA Art & Film gala;  it’ll only cost you $495, courtesy of Gucci. This being far out of reach for many of us, the search for more affordable alternatives is on. A$AP fans took to Twitter to give their two pence:

Last week, A$AP released the music video to his comforting, guitar-led track Kids Turned Out Fine. Clad in a spate of colourful babushkas, the rapper drops an acid tab before we are taken through a psychedelic trip through the lives a number of kids as they mature into adults, serenaded by Flacko’s dreamy flow. It seems that with every chance Rocky gets, he shows his grandma style off for all to see. The real question is – how long until the babushka brainchild of A$AP Rocky hits the mainstream, if ever?

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