Paris Fashion Week Men’s – Spring / Summer 2020 Report

Day 5: Saturday 22nd June 2019

In this short series, I will cover Paris Fashion Week Men’s, Spring / Summer 2020. I will publish a brief daily article on my favourite collections from each day, including my personal top few looks from each.

Paris Fashion Week Men’s Spring / Summer 2020 runs from Tuesday 18th June 2019 – Sunday 23rd June 2019. Collections are debuted at various locations and showrooms across the capital, yet keep to a schedule so that no two shows overlap. The first show of each day typically starts at 10:00, and the last not until 20:00 or 21:00.

All photo credits in this article go to WWD (Unless stated otherwise)

Exhibiting Brands

My top five collections of the day


Fresh off their successful footwear collaboration with Nike, Sacai debut a mesmerising new collection for Spring / Summer 2020. In fact, the Japanese label teased a new colourway of its Nike LD Waffle trainer in the show, this time with a black upper, and white sole.

The brand is based off the idea of ‘hybridisation through juxtapositions of contrasting textures of fabrics’, and this is clearly exhibited in the range of mixed-fabric garments shown, coming in a range of unexpected shapes and silhouettes.

See the full collection here


‘City Pop’ was a genre of music birthed in 1980s Japan during the post-war economic boom. Along with it came a certain fashion, mixing UK New Wave style with classic colourful Americana references. It is this aesthetic that creative director Katie Chung channelled for Wooyoungmi‘s S/S 20 collection.

Plenty of bold, 80s-reminiscent colours were seen in the show, in a variety of striking outerwear pieces, paired with printed Cuban-collar shirts. A mix of slim and baggy trousers complimented each look, some jeans even coming in quirky tie-dye washes.

See the full collection here

Andrea Crews

Andrea Crews prides itself on its innovative approach to fashion, predominantly based on ‘upcycling and streetwear couture style.’ This can clearly be seen in the brand’s Spring / Summer 2020 show, with heavy tones of streetwear in every look.

Titled ‘Momentum’, the collection debuted a slew of tye-dye designs, along with bold graphics such as floral prints, as well as graffiti and scribbling details. A variety of skate-inspired footwear accompanied many looks, giving the collection the casual cool finish Andrea Crews is known for.

See the full collection here

White Mountaineering

The Tokyo brand exhibited its new Spring / Summer 2020 collection today, showcasing a fresh collection of the technically-aligned apparel it’s known for. On the open terrace venue, models walked the runway in all sorts of outdoors-inspired gear, ranging from linen trousers all the way to utilitarian GORE-TEX outerwear.

Layering was something that particularly stood out in the show, orchestrated in head designer Yosuke Aizawa’s vision – shirts, hoodies, and jackets all complemented each other within the same looks, not to mention the spate of technical footwear, from hiking boots to wetsuit style open-toe trainers.

See the full collection here


Pink and camel; mint and mink; light pink and mushroom; light pink and yellow: it takes a practised hand to mix colours like this. Hermès shows its ability to stand out, whilst keeping its stylish and classic cool.

As a label known best for its leather goods, nothing stood out like the beautiful range of bags in Hermès‘ Spring / Summer 2020 season. Like works of art, the leather and canvas Haut À Courroies bags stood out from the rest of the collection. Truly garments and bags constructed in such a way, with such luxury materials, that they can only get better with age.

See the full collection here

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