My top five menswear items of the week, under and over £100

As a plethora of new menswear items drop every week, what can we do except add more and more of the latest in fashion to our wishlists? (Or in the most fortunate of cases, to our shopping lists). Here are my personal top ten standout pieces of the week, five under £100 and five over.

I decided to take a hiatus from the regular weekly post over the summer, so as to focus on my work and as regular posts may not have been possible due to holidays etc. I went to Barcelona for anyone interested; a lovely city which has certainly cemented Antoni Gaudi as my favourite Modernist (Modernisme) architect. Anyway – back to normality!

W/C 9th September 2019

Under £100

Topstitched Denim Shirt Jacket, COS

With utilitarian style powering through to yet another season of menswear, this jacket from COS is a lovely example of the trend done well; not blurring the lines between utility and military style. In a pleasantly thick all-cotton denim fabric, this would make an ideal addition to any fall wardrobe.

£89 via COS

Ezel Stone Panelled Trousers, Dickies

Want a pair of Dickies but can’t decide between classic black or a beige chino hue? Looks like they have just the thing for you – these panelled trousers give you the best of both worlds. Pair with the matching shirt for the complete colourblocked workwear uniform.

£55 via Urban Outfitters

Originals Continental Vulc x AriZona, Adidas

Adidas seem to collaborate with just about anyone at this point – this time it’s the popular ice tea brand AriZona. Famed in the US for their iconic 99 cent ice tea can, the beverage company have previously collaborated on footwear with Adidas, retailing the shoes for just 99 cents. Naturally, this caused a riot leading to police intervention, so understandably they’ve upped the price tag a little for this release.

£79 via Sneakersnstuff

Barbed Wire Chain Necklace, ANMANLI

With heavy chain necklaces all the rage right now, this one takes it to the next level. Not sure how I’d feel about wearing Chinese-made barbed wire around my neck though, definitely sounds like a safety hazard to me. Nonetheless, it’s less than a tenner, so why not I suppose.

£7 via Amazon

Palm Tree Linen Canvas Shoulder Pouch, Engineered Garments

Taking inspiration from vintage clothing for its palm tree-adorned motif, this military style shoulder bag from American-Japanese label Engineered Garments is very pretty to look at. The perfect statement piece for any minimal fall outfit.


Over £100

Striped Cotton-Blend Drawstring Jumpsuit, Marrakshi Life

Taking traditional Moroccan dress and reinventing it for a contemporary global audience, Marrakshi Life designs, hand-looms, and tailors every piece it creates in its Marrakech atelier. I think that jumpsuits are vastly underrepresented in menswear, I’d love to see them become prevalent in the future.

£320 via Matchesfashion

Gold Finish Metal Right Ear Accessory, Gucci

Inspired by the 24-karat goldwork ‘Fashion Fiction #1’ by artist Eduardo Costa, (1966 for Vogue US), this gold-finished ear is truly a Tutankhamen-level flex. Gucci has always been known for going above and beyond to create the most luxurious garments and jewellery, but this really takes the cake.

£270 via Gucci

Westley Vintage-Check Fleece Jacket, Burberry

I have a weakness for seemingly literally anything with Burberry’s iconic nova check, I simply can’t resist it. Just how cosy this fleece looks too, with its super handy breast pocket  and full-length zip closure; dreamy! It even has a breathable mesh lining, making it perfect for the seasonal transition from Autumn to Winter.

£590 via Matchesfashion

56mm Unisex Geometric Sunglasses, Fendi

You’ve heard of seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses, ever wonder what’s it like to see the world through Fendi-tinted glasses? Karl Lagerfeld probably would’ve been able to provide the best answer to that. Also available with red lenses on a gold frame, seen on the same product page.

£408 via Bloomingdale’s

Intarsia Virgin Wool Sweater, Prada

From their Frankenstein-inspired Autumn / Winter 2019 collection, this chunky sweater depicts a dark forest, knitted in Italy from Shetland virgin wool. It’s entirely handmade too, which gives it its raw, undone feel. A truly haunting piece.

£2970 via Mr. Porter

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