My top five menswear items of the week, under and over £100

As a plethora of new menswear items drop every week, what can we do except add more and more of the latest in fashion to our wishlists? (Or in the most fortunate of cases, to our shopping lists). Here are my personal top ten standout pieces of the week, five under £100 and five over.

W/C 14th October 2019

Under £100

Cypress Paisley Bucket Hat, Stussy

Stussy make excellent bucket hats, there’s no doubt about that. This paisley number from the US skate brand would look wonderful atop the head of any gentleman who reads this blog I’m sure, I for one am stuck with my black one though. There’s also a matching shirt.

£54 via Caliroots

ACG T-Shirt, Nike

Nike’s ACG line (All Conditions Gear, if you hadn’t worked that out from the t-shirt) continues to release sell-out t-shirts, even though clearly a t-shirt isn’t made for all conditions. How ironic. Regardless, this shirt definitely features one of the cooler ACG designs, and yes, it will sell out.

£35 via HBX

GDC Butterly L/S T-Shirt – Forest, Girls Don’t Cry

I don’t even like this shirt, I just felt like it belonged in this week’s post. With strong Kids See Ghosts merch vibes, I can’t help but feel as if Girls Don’t Cry is taking imitation to an almost ironic level. This brand could become the new Anti Social Social Club if they play their cards right, all it takes is a couple of well-placed celebrity endorsements.

£52 via Girls Don’t Cry

Sports Cap, Polo Ralph Lauren

You could tell me this cap was lifted off the head of a 1920s college polo team captain and perfectly preserved for 100 years, and I’d believe you. Okay probably not but we can always imagine. The yellow logo embroidery really pops when contrasted against the deep colours of the colour blocked corduroy.

£64 via Caliroots

Lightweight Polo Cardigan, Urban Outfitters

A lovely example of an underrepresented menswear staple, the cardigan. The shades of blue striping contrasting with the sliver knit and cream details create an excellent marriage of colour. It’s smart, comfortable, and stylish – a trio rare to be found in the same garment.

£64 via Urban Outfitters

Over £100

Box Shirt – Swordfish Print, Our Legacy

Apparently it’s not a dairy cow design, its an ‘abstract swordfish print’. I’m still coming to terms with that, but either way I’m definitely a fan. Cut for a boxy fit, this shirt from Swedish label Our Legacy is certainly an eye-catcher, without breaching into kookiness.

£250 via Goodhood

Overlock Turtleneck Knit, A-COLD-WALL*

A good turtleneck is bound to tickle my fancy, so a more than pretty example from a London brand? Definitely making the weekly cut. Samuel Ross shows off his ability to make simplicity beautiful, with contrasting stitched lines stretching across the off-white knit, accompanied only by an ACW logo.

£415 via END.

Cotton Corduroy Overshirt, Tintoria Mattei

A jacket? A shirt? A light jacket? I suppose this overshirt from Italian designer Tintoria Mattei can be whatever you want it to be. In a warm shade of orange-red, the casual shirt is formed in wide-waled cotton corduroy, so even your grandma will compliment you, what’s not to love?

£260 via Barney’s New York

Reversible Quilted Checked Shell Down Jacket, Burberry

Burberry? Check. Reversible? Check. Anyone who knows this blog will know that’s a VIP ticket straight to the weekly post. One day I’ll own a reversible Burberry jacket, and probably wear it with the black side out 90% of the time knowing me. Oh well.

£990 via Mr. Porter

Black Hybrid Brogues, Alexander McQueen

What have we created?? The success of Alexander McQueen’s platform sneakers was so great (So much so, that they are now referred to by the vast majority as ‘Alexander McQueens’, a nightmare for brand image) that we now have the business-ready version. Pair with a polyester suit for the perfect first job interview outfit.

£490 via SSENSE

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