My top five menswear items of the week, under and over £100

As a plethora of new menswear items drop every week, what can we do except add more and more of the latest in fashion to our wishlists? (Or in the most fortunate of cases, to our shopping lists). Here are my personal top ten standout pieces of the week, five under £100 and five over.

W/C 3rd June 2019

Under £100

Faux Leather Cross Body Flight Bag in White with Multi Pockets, ASOS DESIGN

ASOS DESIGN, the home of cheap designer knock-offs, but just different enough from the original to not be in bad taste.  This crossbody bag is an obvious nod to Mr Abloh’s white utility side bag from SS19 Louis Vuitton.

£16 via ASOS

Crushed Velvet Crew Socks, KAPITAL

Coming from a brand that gets its name from the fact that it’s based in Japan’s denim capital, Kojima, crushed velvet socks aren’t the first thing one would expect. However, looking into the shimmering red fibres, it’s impossible to say they’ve gone wrong here.

£23 via H.Lorenzo

Chuck 70 Jewel Sneaker, Converse

Converse All-Star Highs, arguably the most classic sneakers of all time, are a difficult mould to break. Many remixes of the shoe end up looking kooky, even collaborations with high fashion labels *cough* Mr Anderson *cough*, yet, these iridescent All-Stars are beautiful, so much so that they’re currently sold out everywhere.

£83 via Totokaelo

X Sunspel Crew Tee, Comme des Garcons SHIRT

Offering a ‘masterclass in contemporary minimalism, showcasing the timelessness of simplicity’, British and Japanese design join forces for this classic white tee. One white tee like this and you’ll never touch a high street budget multipack again.

£35 via END.

Tech Sandals in Black with High Tape Straps, ASOS DESIGN

As Tyler, the Creator has been desperately trying to bring sandals back in fashion for the past few years, it’s probably about time we all followed suit. These offerings from ASOS give you the added bonus of feeling like you’ve just stepped off the set of a low budget Roman gladiator movie.

£20 via ASOS

Under £100

22 Leave a Message Low Top Runner, Maison Margiela 

Amazing how Margiela can design so many variations of such a simple shoe, this iteration of the iconic Replica trainer features a papery upper, intended to be drawn on. The shoes literally come with a Maison Margiela branded pencil, ready to be personalised however you like.

£439 via END.

Velvet Mock-Turtleneck Top, Maison Margiela

Fitting to the Parisian fashion house’s energetic spirit, this red velvet top features a mock neck, slightly dropped shoulders, and is elasticated to fit skin tight. Of course, not to mention the signature white stitching at the back of the neck.

£185 via SSENSE

Flannel Deconstructed Blazer, Maison Margiela

Margiela with the hat-trick this week, this third featured release from the French label this week is a wonderful example of refreshing ‘neo’ tailoring. The men’s suit has begun to see a renaissance these past few seasons, appearing in exciting new designs, this deconstructed blazer being a great example.

£1066 via Totokaelo

X Fragment 1461 Hollingborn, Dr Martens

Dr Martens‘ collaborations rarely fail to please, even down to the simplest, for instance, these Made in England patent leather 1461 Hollinborns, designed by Japanese streetwear heavyweight Fragment Design, best known for their endless collaborations with labels such as Nike and Louis Vuitton. Retail price was £209.

£380 via StockX (Price at time of writing)

New Box Tee Flour Print, Our Legacy

Something about the bizarre nature of this t-shirt from independent Swedish fashion label Our Legacy really draws me in. It aims to capture the nature of intoxication, with the print being a flour advertisement as seen through inebriated eyes. 

£119 via END.

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