My top five menswear items of the week, under and over £100

As a plethora of new menswear items drop every week, what can we do except add more and more of the latest in fashion to our wishlists? (Or in the most fortunate of cases, to our shopping lists). Here are my personal top ten standout pieces of the week, five under £100 and five over.

W/C 29th April 2019

Under £100

X Eric Emanuel Adilette Slide, Adidas

Very reminiscent of Gucci’s floral designs, these slides (not sliders, I find it strange many people confuse footwear with mini burgers) are the product of another collaboration between the German sportswear giant and colourful basketball brand Eric Emanuel.

£59 via END.

Saving for a Rainy Day money clip, Paul Smith

Designer money clips are truly what one buys when we have more money than we could possibly know what to do with. How else would you keep your rainy day fund together if not for this yellow gold finished clip from Paul Smith?

£60 via Matchesfashion

Cafe Kitsune Cup & Saucer Ceramic Size S, Maison Kitsune

It was only after seeing that Maison Kitsune had released a whole range of crockery this season under its new Cafe Kitsune label that I realised the Parisian brand actual has three coffee shops under its name, in Paris, Seoul, and Tokyo. Hopefully London is next to have the pleasure.

£19 via HBX

Faux Leather Harness in Red Patent, ASOS Design

ASOS back at it again with the Lil Uzi swag – this red faux leather harness is very similar to the Zana Bayne piece the 5’3 rapper wore back in 2018. Impressive seeing a fast fashion label come out with such avant-garde designs.

£20 via ASOS

Icon Stripe Ankle Socks, Burberry

Socks are often overlooked as an important part of an outfit. Look at it this way – they’re an accessory which should be held on par with neck ties for instance, where colour, length, and style are all considered individually with each outfit. These ankle socks from Burberry would be a great start to a serious sock collection.

£43 via HBX

Over £100

Reversible Stirrups and Web Print Bucket Hat, Gucci

What’s better than a bucket hat? Two bucket hats!  Well, the illusion of having two bucket hats, at least. Originally donned by Irish fishermen, they became a part of hip-hop culture in the late 80s-90s. You could channel either of these scenes with this reversible piece from Gucci.

£225 via Gucci

Leather Lace-up Derby Shoes W/ Logo, Balenciaga

It’s true, suits are becoming rarer and rarer as mandatory business dress, as traditionally formal industries like finance and banking shift towards more casual dress codes. However, shoes like this derby from Balenciaga prove that those of us still wearing tailoring need not compromise on the flex.


Off White Shearling Jacket, Fendi

I don’t think anything else grabbed my attention at the Fendi AW19 show like this shearling jacket did. Unfortunately great beauty comes at a great price, so all I, along with the vast majority of us, can only dream about owning this one.


Eggplant Poly Track Jacket, Needles

Tracksuits are a very underrepresented niche in the US, unlike here in the UK, where they’re the uniform of London’s youth. Needles have made a break into this untapped market, putting a luxury spin on the sportswear two-piece. 

£335 via END.

German Airsole Sneakers, Tomo & Co.

The lovechild of the BW German army trainer and Nike Air Max, this sneaker from Japanese footwear label Tomo & Co. truly is unique. Adding air midsoles seems to be the brand’s shtick, having added the Nike-esque sole to everything from sandals to horsebit loafers.

£320 via Très Bien

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