For the throne: Adidas x Game of Thrones Ultraboost capsule collection

Having been speculated about since last year, the highly anticipated and somewhat unexpected Game of Thrones x Adidas Ultraboost pack is here. Featuring the Ultraboost 4.0 silhouette in six unique colourways, the capsule collection pays homage to six of the key players left for the eighth and final season of the show, airing on 14th April.

Each colourway is designed to match its respective faction – as well as having colour palettes inspired by each pivotal figurehead, the six creations all feature a representative sigil or motto. 

See the collection in all its glory here, along with the houses and characters behind each colourway.

House Stark

House Stark, the wardens of the north, reside in Winterfell in northern Westeros. The colder climate means they wear heavy furs and mostly dark colours such as grey or black.

Adidas have taken the family’s colours and crafted the House Stark Ultraboost from a grey primeknit, with a suede black heel cup and mudguard. The cage is also leather, giving the shoe a more rugged touch, to mirror the nature of the house. Interestingly, the colourway features a sole with added grip and a fleece sock liner, fitting in with the wintery theme. The House’s motto ‘Winter is coming’ is embroidered into the heel tab.

The Night’s Watch

The Night’s Watch are the watchers of the wall, protectors of the seven kingdoms. They are stationed at the northernmost part of Westeros, at the great ice wall which has kept out the wildlings and white walkers for thousands of years. They wear heavy black coats and leather armour to keep warm from the snow and ice.

The Night’s Watch Ultraboost features a black primeknit upper flecked with white, resembling snowflakes. Its Boost midsole, and mudguard are white, and the cage is leather like the armour the Watch wear. The colourway also features a sole with added grip and a fleece sock liner, so the shoes will actually perform better in snowy conditions.

White Walker

White Walkers are the force that threatens all life on Westeros, yet as we currently stand, only a fraction of the seven kingdoms recognise them as an imminent threat. They are undead, much akin to zombies, and have glowing blue eyes.

The White Walker Ultraboost is comprised of a white and frosty blue primeknit, with a light blue plastic mudguard, heel cup and cage. The laces, sole, and Boost midsole are all white, giving the colourway an overall icy feel. The phrase ‘Winter is here’ is embroidered on the heel tab.

Targaryen (Dragons)

The first of the two Targaryen colourways in the GoT pack, this design is inspired by the Targaryen association with dragons. It may have been modelled based on Drogon, the largest of Daenerys’ dragons, as he is black in colour.

The shoe features a predominantly black primeknit upper, which fades into the reds and oranges of dragon fire closer to the toe, red and black also being the colours of House Targaryen. The colourway has a black leather cage, as well as a black heel cup, Boost midsole, and sole. The house’s motto ‘Fire and Blood’ is embroidered onto the heel tab.

House Lannister

House Lannister currently holds the iron throne, with Cersei as the Queen of the seven kingdoms. However, the house stands divided, with Tyrion serving Daenerys, and Jaime seemingly becoming untrusting of his sister.

The House Lannister Ultraboost is mostly red, with three gold stripes on the cage: the house’s two colours. The gold splash could also be a nod to the house’s great wealth. As with the other colourways, the house motto features on the heel tab – ‘Hear me roar’.

House Targaryen

The second colourway dedicated to House Targaryen is focused more on the Valyrian features of the Targaryens themselves. These can especially be seen in Daenerys, for instance, with her pale skin and very light silvery hair.

The House Targaryen colourway features a silvery white primeknit upper, mimicking Targaryen hair. The Boost midsole, heel cup and sole are all also white. The cage is accented with silver and is made from premium leather, akin to the finery Daenerys dresses herself in. The same as the first Targaryen colourway, the heel tab is embroidered with ‘Fire and Blood’.

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